Sunday :: Dec 16, 2007

Unity, Schmunity

by paradox

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all be together like that again,” I remember some asshole saying on TV sometime in 2003, the old man lamenting the brief golden moment of unity and 90% approval ratings for President Bush that had vanished by then, squandered and abused just like the worst of all time had always done with everything in his life.

No, it would certainly not, for this fool certainly was not one of the be-one-with-Christ-Kumbaya liberal love-in outlook guys thinking that humanity should evolve into a bonobo ever-lovin’ existence, he was one of those authoritarian-worshipping creeps who missed the days when promised mayhem and killing, whipped up into a fever pitch by deliberately invoked fear, was cheered and worshipped upon the Dear Leader with total Orwellian unity. I’ll pass.

National unity often occurs after a deeply traumatic event transcends deeply ingrained patterns of behavior. I’ll pass on that too.

It’s extremely unfortunate that many souls reading this will be offended that their preferred candidate for President is being attacked on one of his main platforms. Nothing could further than the truth, the ridiculous notion of national unity is an old topic that keeps regrettably being resurrected, Frank Rich wrote about it today so I will too, that’s all. Believe what one likes, I will happily and energetically labor for any candidate that emerges as the Democratic nominee, on basic levels they all work for me.

Furthermore, I think a candidate has a certain innocent charm when they look to the stars and see all Americans together in their outlook, behavior and beds in holy unity. The delusion will vanish as predictably as a chili fart the instant their guy is subject to a hurricane of horrifying abuse from the Republicans and American propaganda media machine as the Democratic nominee, if he makes it that far. There are worse political mistakes to make in this world, you know? Absent the authoritarianism, striving for unity is a harmless, foolish meander, no more.

There will always be division in America, it is the natural order of our people and country. There will always be Republicans and Democrats, Catholics and Protestants, vegetarians and carnivores, Mets and Yankees fans. It is our destiny, and before the Republicans went berserk and smashed the country we had a pretty good political system of growing with it.

Ah yes, our dear Republican brothers and sisters, our brethren citizens, our little love children of democracy, how sure we can be that unity is a central goal of their party in our time with the country, oh yes. How sure we can be that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Anne Coulter will gently shepherd their hippie love-in flock to a nirvana of unity, Republican brothers and sisters greeting liberals with wide open arms of benevolence. Yeah.

Not to attack anyone, truly, but in this time of love and grace on the planet one notices that a candidate preaching unity has not, in, fact, stirred a whit of interest or support from the opposition party. If they have to they’ll knife him with anything and everything they’ve got, is anyone really prepared to defend themselves not being called naïve when preaching unity to the ditto-heads? Jesus.

But like I said, it’s a harmless meander of the primary season that will soon be obliterated by the calendar, no more time thankfully wasted on it. Hell I’d like the country to be unified in love and brotherhood too, I’d like to hear love sonnets read to me by Alicia Silverstone, you know? We deal with the reality that’s given to us. I’d be completely thrilled if in my lifetime if we got the Bill of Rights back, which seems like a much more realistic and beneficial goal than the delusion of unity.

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