Saturday :: Dec 22, 2007

About the Democratic Party

by paradox

For whatever its worth, I came to some brief conclusions recently about the Democratic Party that’s likely relevant to some readers in these trying times. This first was a realization that a famous political saying of my lifetime made absolutely no sense:

I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Party left me. A political party isn’t an abstract entity like a tent that one enters, it’s an organization made of up by each of its members. If one belongs, one is the Party. The only way to leave is to fundamentally, drastically change. Meandering around saying the Party left me is a rationalization for the abdication of duty, if one doesn’t like parts of the experience the answer is to work on improvement, not abandonment.

You act is if there were no other alternative to progressive and liberal interests than the Democratic Party. That’s right, I sure do. I have looked high and low, near and far, with microscopes and telescopes, I talked to Jesus and the Gypsies, I read history and political science, and there is no other way. Believe you me after this last year if there were another alternative I’d be freaking taking it, yeah.

We are the party, the party is us, it’s our duty to change it, and there is no other alternative.

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