Sunday :: Dec 30, 2007

The Presidential Candidates on Executive Power

by eriposte

In the comment thread to a previous post, Judith said:

The only question I want answered is do you believe in the “unitary” theory of presidential power. What will you do to rein in the damage that Bush has done to our Constitution. No other question, in my humble opinion, matters as much as those two.

Charlie Savage, the journalist who has done outstanding work at the Boston Globe on Bush's abuse of executive power, did more than that. He asked all the Presidential candidates a set of questions on executive power - on warrantless surveillance, bombing Iran without Congressional approval, troop deployments, signing statements, detention of unlawful enemy combatants, executive privilege, interrogation techniques, international human rights treaties, right to habeas corpus under the Constitution, and so on. This is a great set of questions providing a wealth of information about the candidates' positions (h/t Marcy Wheeler).

Their responses are here:

You can also compare their responses by question:

  • QUESTION 1 (on warrantless surveillance)
  • QUESTION 2 (bombing Iran without Congressional approval)
  • QUESTION 3 (troop deployments)
  • QUESTION 4 (signing statements)
  • QUESTION 5 (detention of unlawful enemy combatants)
  • QUESTION 6 (executive privilege)
  • QUESTION 7 (interrogation techniques)
  • QUESTION 8 (international human rights treaties)
  • QUESTION 9 (right to habeas corpus under the Constitution)
  • QUESTION 10 (what executive power claims of the Bush administration are unconstitutional or bad)
  • QUESTION 11 (campaign's legal advisors)
  • QUESTION 12 (should all candidates be asked to respond to these questions in general)

I can't thank Mr. Savage enough, for doing this.

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