Sunday :: Jan 6, 2008

I’ll Only Be Blogging in the Morning for a While

by paradox

Last Wednesday my daughter seriously broke her ankle, requiring hospitalization and surgery to insert the necessary pins. She’s just back home, no school for three weeks, and my little place is in a predictable uproar.

At least I have learned when someone is hospitalized in the family not to be the Alpha Male and try to do everything. Grandma was here yesterday and spends the night tomorrow, today one of my amazing sisters arrives with her cherished cousin for a daylong visit.

But, naturally, I can only blog in the morning, to write frivolously while everyone is else is up is just impossible. For about a month, I think. I’m fine’n good spirits, but I may be a little sporadic for a while, that’s all, if I don’t get an entry in by 0730 in the month of January its very likely not going to happen at all that day.

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