Sunday :: Jan 27, 2008

The Missing da Vinci’s

by paradox

If the primary season is becoming a little much take a look at Wandering Ink, via the incomparably brave and beautiful Natasha at Pacific Views, for its very interesting take on modern education and how it impedes creativity. The author’s been waiting a long time for another Leonardo da Vinci, and is worried another might never arrive.

It was pretty funny, right, the piece runs down all these traits of creative genius and I was like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, ticking off the requisite characteristics necessary to peel off Andie MacDowell’s panties. “Me, me, me….boy, I am really close on this.” Unfortunately, also like Bill Murray, after countless attempts my grasp of genius status has remained as elusive as the panties of Andie MacDowell.

A post very much worth the read, if the time is handy. I hope you are all well; as for myself, The Uproar is nearing the end, the little one goes back to school tomorrow, still in a wheelchair, but off the couch and out of the house at last. She’s done remarkably well, far better than I through it all, it often seems. When I can my writing is lousy, I know, but I’m tired, I’d much rather try and be lousy than just sit here.

Anyway, two weeks and then she gets a walking cast, then three more weeks until she walks normally again. Things could be much worse, and she’s amazingly okay with it. Kids.

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