Thursday :: Jan 31, 2008

Debate Open Thread

by Turkana

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Have at it...

One thing I'm enjoying is that they're both continuing to highlight that they have much more substantial differences with the Republicans than with each other.

Obama's answers on Iraq were simpler, and more in line with the thinking of base Democratic voters. Clinton tried too hard to explain too much. The better answer would have been to simply acknowledge that the vote was mistake (which she did), that as president she'd have never even looked to Iraq (which she did), that they have nearly identical records on Iraq since he joined the Senate (which she did), and that the real question is how we get out. The problem was that she spent so much time explaining her Iraq vote, that the good points she did make tended to get muddled.

Overall, I thought she gave the more substantive answers on health care and immigration, while the long discussion of Iraq clearly helped him. Wolf was less annoying than usual, which means he was only moderately so. But I loved the tone.

This was a good debate, not at all divisive and almost amiable, and they both continually made clear who the real political enemy is- the Republicans. We can all feel great about this debate.

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