Sunday :: Feb 10, 2008

Karl Rove's Amerika

by Mary

Scott Horton, a native Alabaman, has been following the multitude of corruption trials which have been wracking Alabama under the Bush DOJ. A new wrinkle on the partisan witch hunt that seems to find Democrats as easy prey is the one case which the Alabama papers have been using to prove that the prosecution for corruption was bi-partisan. After all, Gary White, a Republican, had been convicted of corruption by the same US Attorney's office, therefore, you can't say they are just going after Democrats.

Not so fast, says Scott Horton. Recently a judge ruled that the questionable circumstances around the Gary White prosecution were serious enough to warrant a review. Because it seems that Mr. White was being prosecuted for not providing false evidence that could be used to convict the former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman.

Finally, Mrs. White explains why she believes her husband, though a prominent Republican, was picked as a political target by Alice Martin. She deals extensively with internal Republican squabbles, particularly involving Bettye Fine Collins, the Republican National Committeewoman for Alabama. As Judy White relates the matter, Collins and Gary White were major adversaries within the Alabama G.O.P., and Collins wanted White out of the picture. Moreover, she relates that Alice Martin was campaigning for a federal judgeship (something I’ve heard from prominent lawyers all over Alabama) and she needed Collins’s support.

So the argument in the Judy White affidavit is that the attack on White served two purposes: first to coerce him into supplying false evidence against Siegelman, and second to score points with still more powerful figures in the state G.O.P. who were White’s enemies.

Alabama has been corrupted to its roots by the deal the Republicans made with Karl Rove. This is the picture of the Amerika he has been working to bring about by corrupting the GOP who he wants to have rule over us all for generations.

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