Sunday :: Mar 2, 2008

Election 2008 Sunday Funnies

by eriposte

1. Last week SNL had a great parody of the media and the candidates - I had posted links to that previously. Here's how Clinton responded to that on her plane recently:

2. In last week's SNL media takedown, they had parodied CNN. To their credit, last night they had a "Part 2" where they parodied their own network's talkingheads.

Take a look at that and then I have some more videos below the fold.

3. Sen. Clinton responded to the last night's SNL parody - on SNL - here. It's also funny.

4. Jack Nicholson made a funny video endorsement for Clinton:

5. Finally, someone sent me an email about this interesting website where Hillary supporters are checking in personal videos: Hillary Speaks For Me

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