Friday :: Mar 14, 2008

TGIF Election Reads

by eriposte

Sean Wilentz: "Disputations: The '3 A.M.' Fight Continues"

On Geraldine Ferraro:

On Jeremiah Wright (don't worry, I don't happen to believe that Sen. Obama believes the kind of nasty stuff his preacher has been busy sermonizing about, but Clinton Derangement Syndrome is evident even on this - especially obvious after you read Sean Wilentz)

My opinion of Maureen Dowd should be no secret to anyone, but I found this fascinating:

These reporters say that Obama is unusually solicitous of Times columnist Maureen Dowd when she materializes on the campaign trail. They recall how he recently sidled up to her on the plane and remarked on her snazzy pair of boots. 

Finally, read Jeralyn , Donna Darko and Correntewire on MI/FL.

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