Wednesday :: Apr 2, 2008

How to Win in November Without Florida and Michigan

by eriposte

After seeing this Lou Dobbs video (thanks to reader fafnir in the open thread) I was thinking about how Sen. Obama can win in November without Florida and Michigan if he is the nominee. There is one scenario that would seem to definitely work. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chairman Howard Dean have shown a Deep CommitmentTM to voter enfranchisement by finding every way to excuse the blocking of votes or revotes in FL and MI (makes you ProudTM to be a Democrat doesn't it? - the party of voting rights, civil rights and such silly stuff).

All they have to do is pass a Bill in Congress that says FL and MI will be stripped of their electoral votes in November because they broke the "rules" in the primaries! It's that simple. This way McCain won't benefit and if Sen. Obama is the nominee, he has a better chance of winning the general election. and other fine "liberal" organizations, some of the top bloggers, the "progressive" version of hate radio, and so on, can then be completely relied upon to catapult the propaganda about how it is entirely justifiable for FL/MI to be disenfranchised in Nov according to the "rules" and according to the law. In any case, bills like the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act are all so quaint and passe - clearly, part of the "excesses" of the 60s that Sen. Obama keeps referring to.

The downside of this strategy is that some people may try to prevent the Bill from passing. For example, the Clinton-supporting Democrats in the House and Senate, who have a Deep ContemptTM for voting rights may try to kill this Bill in their attempt to enable FL and MI to vote despite violating the law that might be passed over their objection (they will do anything to win!!). Further, even if they are strong-armed to support the Bill, the GOP may try to filibuster the Bill in the Senate. And if the Bill does pass, President Bush may veto it because his buddy Sen. John McCain surely won't like it. But these are minor struggles that Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean can easily overcome. They have also been fighters for voting rights and such minor Obstacles to Voting ReformTM shouldn't faze them one bit.

P.S. I know it is one day past April Fools Day but I thought what the heck - a day late is better than never.

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