Sunday :: Apr 6, 2008

Can The Press Really Elect McCain?

by paradox

It’s old news by now that Election 2008 isn’t the perfect storm for Republicans, its Picket’s charge. As an analogy perfect storm ends in the correct state of necrosis, but implies a far too singular experience for ship or crew. When the United States of America is losing two wars and suffering from a severe recession with high food and energy costs as a sweetener the Republicans are lining up, en masse, for an indiscriminate pitiless slaughter, futility and failure their only results.

Their brave leader is an old, doddering, confused ranting militarist kiss-ass, an alleged maverick who embraced the very felons who so sleazily gutted him before. Through sickness and health, this stalwart Republican family values man ditched his first wife after she became disfigured and never did find any American tenet, no matter sacred, that he couldn’t rankly betray or sell out to his entire career since then.

Yet serious, immensely wise voices insist this chump political corpse has a true viable chance, John McCain really could—in spite of the galactic scope of forces arrayed against him—be our next president. Our chattering, virulently contemptible “journalism” corps apparently is completely infatuated with him and yes, they really do have the power to somehow wipe away all the chaos, shame and pain to elevate this creep to the presidency. Can that possibly be true?

Many difficult, painful answers spill out of that question (both nationally and personally), so much so that it blocked me yesterday morning, which has happened twice in four years. Only our foul, manipulative, craven journalists stand in the way of a Democratic presidency and possible escape for the insane failure everywhere, it is of absolute importance that liberals and Democrats understand this issue and act accordingly, the risks are horrifying if we get it wrong.

As dismaying and infuriating as the answer may be, those contemptible charlatans chattering about hair really do have the ability and power—even now—to elect John McCain. A very good argument can be made the entire GOP revolution of the past 30 years was only possible with their enabling, and if there were ever a more vivid example of their vast ability he still walks among us as our president, Jesus save us, that odious, lying, murdering, hall of shame worst of all time putrid failure George Bush. He got to the Executive office twice, that’s how powerful our journalism really is.

The fact implacably concludes a low political intelligence for the American political electorate, an ability to be easily distracted and manipulated. I refuse to believe it or accept it, I don’t give a damn about the incredible reach of marketing in American lives, had the Democratic opposition not been so meek and just a few more journalism outlets more adherent to principle the Republicans never would have been so successful the last 30 years.

Yet that power of mass media is still there, creepy in its potential to obliterate the truth and elevate the human ego to disastrous heights—or to install fear. Americans can be manipulated in number of time-honored, repetitive simple ways, a painful conclusion I don’t have any answers for.

Another implacable fact is that of course we need journalists, no democracy survives without healthy journalism, and no matter how uncomfortable it makes blogtopia we never would have existed without the fragments of the profession that still function correctly. We owe a great debt to those union reporters who to this day, with our help and direction, carry the real story of America forward.

My Grandfather, a man I still horribly miss after 30 years, was one of those men, eventually to be editor of the Long Beach Press Telegram. One of my many amazing Uncles is one too, national editor (well under 40) to the Los Angeles Times. When one meets and reads a real journalist adherent to professional principle one cannot help but be vastly impressed by razor intellect, enviable sense of humor, amazing life experiences, and a depth of soul and talent that I’ve often elevated to hero worship.

These despicable manipulators who enabled George Bush are my friends, family and heroes, necessary to our Republic. I don’t want to spend six months beating the shit out of them.

I critiqued and published every column but two of Mona Charen’s for 14 months years ago, along with all the work against the media creeps here since then, and not only the did the charlatans not change in our disgusting “journalism” corps, hell not hardly, they (just like Mona) became actively worse all that time. The country has gone to utter hell yet they still chatter endlessly about trivialities, nothing stops them, no matter how many Americans die.

There are very real signs journalism power has ebbed (28% presidential popularity, 80% wrong track, election 2006) despite the power of marketing and the nauseating, endless parade of creeps like Chris Mathews and Maureen Dowd, very good at what they do in their mission to make politics trivial and distasteful.

They really think after all the hell and death of the last eight years they can pull it off for John McCain. They don’t have a hope in hell, not as long as Americans, at the polls and in the internet, continue to show up.

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