Tuesday :: Apr 8, 2008

Open Thread

by Mary

Is the Bush administration starry-eyed or just cross-eyed? I rather agree with Joe Romm's assessment.

I assert the United States will never do a manned mission to Mars this century because by the time such a mission is possible, around 2030, the nation and the world will be desperately engaged in a life-and-death struggle that uses all its brainpower and resources to try to 1) stop catastrophic global warming and 2) minimize the misery for billions of people. I’d take a bet on that if I had any chance of living long enough to collect….

Considering mankind frittered away the past 30 years, it seems not too surprising to think that the next 22 years will not be a whole bunch better -- especially with the global warming naysayers continuing to muddy the waters. (h/t Meteor Blades)

It's your forum now.

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