Friday :: Apr 11, 2008

Revolutionary Radicals

by paradox

An overthrow and thorough replacement of an established political system…such is the technical definition for revolution, and by this metric the United States has not undergone one, nobody has stormed the marble bastions of government to tear down systems and replace them, structurally everything is precisely the same since the Republicans went berserk and stole the election in 2000. This is the only element of revolution that is absent from our current nightmare, however, all of our systems are still in place but violent, lying freaks have revolutionized the oldest democracy on the planet.

Yet another incident totally supporting that fact was reported this week—in its buried, corporate way—when they story came out how the radicals in the administration successfully strong-armed the New York Times into hiding before the 2004 election how Bush and Cheney had blown up the FISA law and the fourth amendment. It was simply, blandly stated that they’d just done it, but for the reader seeking definitive demonstration of revolution the story was in how they did it.

Secretary of State Rice met with the publisher and writer in the White House and threatened them with responsibility for the next terrorist attack if they broke the story.

What a psychotically sick, vicious, appallingly callous worldview and maturity level that behavior illuminates. Consider: a truck bomb blows off the façade of the Treasury building in DC. Our elected…public…servants, without giving one god damn thought about who did it, would actually blame a newspaper for that despicable act without having any idea if it was true! This as a preceding act to cover up original hideous felonies!

Don Vito Corleone would have loved to have such brutal lying thugs on his payroll, it almost defies belief that the Secretary of State—of the United States of America!—would be such a brutal, ruthless scumbag.

This precise mode of administration behavior has been documented before, when an unholy uproar over more lawbreaking forced a posse of felons to descend on John Ashcroft’s hospital bed when he was gravely ill to sign off on yet more felonies. If Ashcroft’s wife wasn’t there they would have sapped one of his kneecaps, they were that desperate, and for the love of holy Jesus Ashcroft was one of their own people!

But when you talk about destruction, don’t you know that you can count me out…a quaint thought from a band long, long gone, American lying radicals took the nation to war for no reason, against a people and land that had done nothing to us. The Army and the Marine Corps are still there, yes, but their mission has been totally perverted to a sick pre-emptive posture we hanged Nazis for just sixty years earlier, massive destruction all around us.

You say you'll change to constitution….George Bush and Dick Cheney never told anyone the constitution didn’t mean a damn thing to them, and whenever Bush finds it inconvenient to whatever fresh crime he’s trying to hide he just issues a “signing statement.” Poof, just like that, Congress means nothing to the New American King, and those funny elements called laws are so cute, Congress, pass them all you want in that grand building with banging gavels, they don’t mean a damn thing in the new revolution. If you’re truly worried about it call John Yoo, c’mon.

But when you want money for people that minds that hate…in our times free money is to be had for those who hold our economy hostage. After 220 years of trying to wrestle and tame capitalism radicals chucked out all the previous rules, so now the Federal Reserve—without precisely saying what they were doing or even asking permission—props up and supports the financial sector it ways it had never previously attempted before.

Everywhere one looks the pattern is precisely the same: American political and bureaucratic structures are in place, but they’ve been revolutionized into perversions that are often precisely opposite of their purpose in serving Americans. The EPA doesn’t protect the environment, it actively cripples enforcement and enables polluters. The Justice Department doesn’t prosecute criminals, it purges internal political opponents. The Energy Department doesn’t make us oil independent, just carries on the current servitude to the oil industry even more.

This is what America gets when criminals and charlatans have the incredible gall and arrogance to state government is the problem even as they actively run it into the ground under their own stewardship. Hidden and enabled by the American propaganda journalism corps they’ve gotten away with it for far too long, and if they get elected again in 2008 they really will start to tear down the buildings.

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