Sunday :: Apr 13, 2008

How We Faint

by eriposte

As we wait eagerly for the next Greatest Speech in the History of the Universe, a few more readings for this Sunday.

Bostonboomer at The Confluence writes: "Once More To The Fainting Couch"

BPK80 at MyDD writes: "Why would anyone be offended?" (Read that and then read this).

Atrios has this just right in his usual terse way:

Dear Maureen and Camille

Okay, we get it. Democrats are all women except female Democrats who are men. You can stop writing now.

Frenchdoc at Correntewire: "Why Hillary Should Be President (WHSBP) - About That Beijing Speech"

Frenchdoc at Correntewire: "Why Hillary Should Be President (WHSBP) - Untold Stories"

I wanted to mention this's a bit late now but never too late: Susie Madrak's "The Tao of Rocky"

Finally, Sen. Clinton impersonated Jack Nicholson on the stump. Video (h/t Alegre at the soapblox incarnation of Hillarys Bloggers):


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