Thursday :: Apr 17, 2008

Invite, Urge, Demand, Yawn

by Turkana

First, the cut-and-paste from the House Judiciary Committee website:

Today, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) and Committee Members Linda Sánchez (D-CA), Artur Davis (D-AL), and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) announced three critical actions in the Committee's investigation into allegations of selective or poltiically-motivated prosecution in the Justice Department. The Members today invited Karl Rove to testify before the committee; urged the Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility to investigate those allegations; and demanded that Attorney General Michael Mukasey provide additional documents on this subject.

Today's actions result from the Committee's majority staff report, also released today, which details the cases, interviews and documents they have reviewed since the Committee began its investigation last year.

"There continue to be numerous complaints of selective or politically motivated prosecution since our investigation began last year," Conyers said. "The actions we are taking today, including calling Karl Rove to testify, are an effort to get to the bottom of this matter."

Today's announcement stems from the Committee's 2007 oversight hearing on selective prosecution, during which testimony was heard and documents were entered into the record regarding cases from Alabama, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Since the hearing, majority committee staff has continued its investigation with interviews and document collection about additional cases across the country.

"While this report is extensive and significant progress has been made in our investigation, many facts remain unknown," Conyers said. "The Justice Department has simply not been forthcoming and I feel the only way to move this investigation forward is to seek further independent investigation and testimony from Karl Rove, who appears to be the missing link in a chain from the White House to the Justice Department."

The letters and the majority staff report are available here.

Which is all well and good, except that we know that none of the three will happen. I don't know why anyone takes seriously such statements. I don't know why the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee think Rove, the Bush DOJ, or Mukasey will take seriously such statements. Or maybe there's no real intent for such statements to be taken seriously. By Rove, the Bush DOJ, or Mukasey. Maybe it's just another effort to look busy without being busy.

Anyone with even a semblance of consciousness knows that no one affiliated with the Bush Administration will testify, provide evidence, or investigate unless compelled to do so. Any serious effort on behalf of the Democrats must begin by using every available means to compel cooperation. I'm suggesting that the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee use such means. Starting today. Now. Yesterday. Of course, no one reading this should take seriously the idea that the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee will do so.

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