Saturday :: Apr 26, 2008

More Chelsea Clinton

by eriposte

This is beyond impressive:

As Katiebird at The Confluence says:

She’s actually answering just one question — about Hillary’s feminism. The range of Chelsea’s answer to this question is amazing (and she’s speaking without notes or pause).

She also has this note from a Clinton supporter (Dee) who was at the Duke University event that Chelsea spoke at:

I attended this forum. In fact, I am visible in some of that footage. She spoke for an hour and because the audience appeared to be mostly graduate students (approx. 1/2 international students) the questions were really, really tough but thoughtful.

I was amazed by her grasp of both foreign and domestic policy and how her narrative wove the issues together. She broke down difficult to understand policy issues into easily understood relationships.

When the event was over I heard the following comments - “How long before she can run for President?” I wish she was on the ticket. She is the best combination of her mother’s wonkish knowledge and her father’s charm. I believe we have just listened to a future U.S. President. WOW just WOW. ”

I had not realized until this event that Chelsea is pulling the hardest duty of the campaign because the students are the toughest most knowledgable audience. She did not make a speech. It was not political. She just took questions and they were complex. A couple of times I thought how can she possibilty answer that? And then she smiled and went after it. She referred to herself as a “numbers dork” almost as an apology for having so much information in her data banks.

This was not a campaign event - it was a learning experience.

I have never seen anyone quite like Chelsea.

Maybe I should push for a revote in California so that I can get to see Chelsea on the stump here :-)

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