Thursday :: May 1, 2008

Sen. Clinton on Fox

by eriposte

Following Sen. Obama's recent appearance on Chris Wallace's show on Fox News - something I briefly wrote about earlier this week - Sen. Clinton appeared yesterday on Bill O'Reilly's show (insert string of rants by some of the people who have shown an unstinting and aggressive commitment to truthiness during this campaign).

The section that aired yesterday was one of the most impressive performances I have seen by any Democrat on Fox News and specifically on O'Reilly's show. Sen. Clinton was funny but assertive, unabashedly progressive on income tax and healthcare and demolished many of the standard right-wing talking points and straw-men advanced by O'Reilly, leaving him a bit at loss for words (see the videos embedded below). For instance, note how she responded on "income redistribution", on O'Reilly's lie about low taxes during his youth, his claim that she will "bankrupt the country" with her healthcare plan and that he did not want to fund the healthcare of drug addicts or alcoholics. She was marvelous and did not let the loudmouth get the last word. I also loved how she turned almost every mention of a perceived "negative" about her ("Hillarycare", tax-raiser, "polarizing", etc.) into something that was neutral or positive - by tying it to broader policy issues and goals and to being a fighter. She even got in a funny dig about Fox's fake "Fair and Balanced" motto. In essence, she "took on" Fox in a genial but assertive way and I don't think O'Reilly knew what hit him. More Democrats like this, please! (videos courtesy Taylor Marsh).

Here's one segment (discussion on her income tax plan, her position on social security and payroll taxes, on "income redistribution", on the Bush economy, on her alleged "polarizing personality"):

Here's another segment (O'Reilly's persistent questioning of her on Rev. Wright, energy, healthcare):

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