Saturday :: May 3, 2008

How Did We Get the Worst of All Time?

by paradox

It’s impossible to know, but one suspects the all-time record of 71% disapproval rating of George Bush crashing to new lows last week was the result whiz-bang reality statement from John McCain that the federal response to Katrina is a “disgrace.” The corporate press instantly moved on, of course, not daring to explore the multiple human horrors that might produce such a tiny inadequate word as “disgrace” to what continues to be inflicted upon New Orleans, but enough Americans were probably reminded of the sickening debacle to trip Bush over 70%.

This is an extraordinary event, as if three comets were blazing across our evening skies in an epoch circumstance. The United States is the world’s eldest Democracy at approximately 240 years, a nation of fantastic wealth, resources and geo-political advantages, combined with a huge middle-class populace of high literacy and extraordinary public education investments. Just how in the hell did we get here? What are our chances of getting on the right track again?

The questions raise some very troubling issues core to the American existence, for historians, when looking at the fantastic aberration so charitably described as the “presidency” of George Bush (Little Boots is a multiple felon, a rank lying revolutionary who is profoundly, bloodily anti-American) will take note of an extremely interesting fact: George Bush won the 2004 election. It was screamingly obvious his presidency was an utter horrifying disaster, yet he still won.

Do the people of America have the base ability to ably govern through their will? After 2004 it could be stated with real plausibility they in fact do not. However it happened, enough base American democratic systems failed over time to simply produce total system failure, Democracy doesn’t work here, our people can’t do it.

Yes they damn well can, comes back the answer, if they couldn’t how did the United States become the greatest Republic the world has ever seen? Yet the Worst of All Time is still right there, still babbling incoherently in an administration in utter ruins and criminality. If the people of the United States were capable to self-govern themselves they apparently seem to have lost it.

Defenders of the populace will instantly point to the arch-nemesis of the blogosphere, those charlatans of American citizenry so laughably calling themselves “journalists.” As Bob Herbert pointed out for the 134,889th time this morning our election “coverage” is a sick perversion of evasion and distraction. How can any populace possibly make the correct choices when the truth is constantly hidden or ignored?

Abuse of trust is an extremely powerful element to all this. After 240 years enough safeguards should have been on place to stop Bush in 2000, but he and his felons lied to the people in the most profound way possible, these are not souls with the welfare of Americans at heart. “We’re one terrorist attack away from eliminating FISA,” David Attington has been documented to say. The Bush administration will lie and twist even a terrorist attack to enable gross felonies, yet they presented themselves a public servants.

Not surprisingly an atrophied, fatty-campaign-cash opposition Democratic Party has faired poorly against the combined modern American forces of propaganda and a Republican Party completely run amok, willing to break any rule. The Party currently gives conflicting signals on its base functionality, but at least significant signs of life are there.

Goaded primarily on by an energized activist citizen base through the internet, probably the single greatest technological salvation to American Democracy ever. We have only seen the very beginning, it is our great hope to organize and set the correct narrative for the stories of our people.

Personally I have an enormous amount of faith in the American people and our ability to consistently make good choices in our government. Election 2006, the screaming unpopularity of Bush and the vast new Democratic Party internet machines just emerging all ably demonstrate that.

But the continued disastrous presence of the Worst of All Time and Election 2004 should serve as vivid markers in the nation’s history that strict citizen vigilance is required for every new American generation, that even with all the history, precedence and advantages the worst very can indeed happen. It happened on our watch, yes, but at least we’re going to make sure another Republican like Bush is never, elected President of the United States again.

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