Sunday :: May 4, 2008

Stay With Your People

by paradox

I have been in a foul political mood for a week, starting when my parents and amazing sister #1 showed up Monday, gravely hurt and volubly upset that Reverend Wright was so vividly in the news with Nation of Islam bodyguards. After strongly supporting Obama for a year there was a base bewilderment to the racist, corporate skewering of their candidate and hero I found particularly difficult to watch, the Dean Scream echoing in my memory.

Then very first wave Tuesday morning at Hullabaloo was the infamous Commander Codpiece image, a picture so offensive to me on so many levels we all know about that it fucked up my day, it really did, nothing serious, but the pursuit of happiness was a goddamn failure all day long. Then Hillary Clinton acted like a Republican, encouraging wanton pollution while looting the Treasury, and to top it all off, incredibly, FISA and telecom immunity slithered out from Satan’s anus again, Jesus, just what in the hell are our Reps trying to hide from is this time?

Tom Friedman this morning, that shrill warmongering creep, lamenting how Germans turned their country into a palace instead of a tank farm. They’re Socialists who protect their labor unions, Jesus, can this…this…American ever write the truth?

Loads of fun, and to ice the cake The Left Coaster still isn’t an echo chamber, I get to be Mr. Popularity for simply adhering to the truth. FISA represents a rankly dark and dangerous element to the Democratic Party, and we have a horrendously long way to go to get the House in shape as a real Democratic institution. How could Steny Hoyner (D) ever disgrace the People’s House this way? I truly don’t get it.

I’ll take it, hell yes. My spirits perked up chatting with a Jeffersonian Democrat at Daily Kos yesterday, a gifted writer and heartwarmingly committed American citizen. However impatiently wretched I get waiting for McCain to get crushed in November or how many times a Democrat lets me down joanneleon reminded me how far the internet has taken us in just six years, how we truly have effective tools as little people to influence change in America.

It also reminded me of the very un-Jeffersonian Democrat I was before Bush had Election 2000 stolen for him, getting permanently pissed off at the Republican crooks who had just stolen the country (what a surprise we’re now in the shitter). I read three corporate newspapers a day and watched at least 120 minutes of corporate television news, thinking I was informed as I chatted with my small group of people and voted.

Well, for all my mistakes at least I do a hell of lot more as a citizen than that now, and I rarely have my frame of reference fouled by American television propaganda. I publish, use tools and watch Republicans lose year after year, not bad at all. There is always something new to find (even if I should have found it long ago), new ways to learn and grow, we all know that too.

However charmingly obstreperous I become in our American utopia of civic grandiosity I hope it’s crystal clear that I am a proud Democrat, I am never leaving my Party and my people. Never. I’ve said it before but I have this overwhelming compulsion to write it again, I’m not leaving the Party, no matter how horrendously they screw up sometimes or what they put us through.

There is no other path to liberal American change other than the Democratic Party. None. To walk away from it in times like these would be a profound failure of civic duty, and for all my bitching at least I won’t go to the grave with a mistake like that on my soul. We’re only six years into the internet revolution, in the last horrifying year of the worst President of All Time, and soon the Democratic Party will start to bring our country back, very soon, yes.

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