Thursday :: May 15, 2008


by eriposte

I'm not surprised that Sen. Edwards chose to endorse Sen. Obama. This is his right as a politician and I'd like to commend him for his gracious comments about Sen. Clinton during his endorsement. Sen. Edwards was my second choice for Presidential candidate. I have a lot of respect for him and for Elizabeth Edwards - and that won't change regardless of whom they choose to endorse.

I'm also not exactly surprised by NARAL Pro-Choice America's endorsement of Sen. Obama (interesting that they left their local affiliates uninformed). The day their endorsed Joe Lieberman over Ned Lamont was the day I stopped paying any attention to them.

I'd just like to say this to Clinton supporters. The spate of endorsements of Sen. Obama will continue. Every victory of Sen. Clinton's will be followed immediately by high profile endorsements to blunt the impact of that victory - it's called politics. We can't let these things take away our energy or focus in getting people to the polls in the upcoming states to support Sen. Clinton. If you are concerned or upset by the rationale of some of these endorsements, I suggest writing polite emails of disagreement and contributing in some way to Sen. Clinton's campaign. She is at the tail end of a historic race. One of the reasons why pro-Obama forces have been trying to force her to quit is to prevent the possibility of her winning the popular vote. It's in our best interest to be constructive in our advocacy of Sen. Clinton and enable her to win the popular vote. The superdelegates might still tip the nomination to Sen. Obama even if Sen. Clinton wins the popular vote and that is their prerogative and they are allowed to do so per the rules of the primary. However, if that scenario happens, we can make it clear to the entire world that the superdelegates went against the winner of the popular vote. That alone is worth fighting for.

A final request. Let's not respond to endorsements of Sen. Obama by behaving in the same way that we have criticized some Obama supporters of behaving. We can be and should be better than that. You are entirely within your rights to criticize the endorsements but please do so in a polite and thoughtful way.

P.S. Remember the real Fighting Democrat left in this race - "Clinton was brain behind the [Senate] war room".

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