Friday :: May 16, 2008

Hillary Destroys All That Is Decent and Pure, Yet Again!

by eriposte

First it was Bosnia and now this (article for background and video below)!

Now, when the Bosnia story broke I said that candidates sometimes misstate things on the campaign trail - sometimes because they just mis-remembered incidents. In Sen. Clinton's case it was an incident from the 1990s. In Sen. Obama's case (video above) it was a much more recent incident - from last year. But my earlier observation still holds (also see my post: Stories of Love and Hate). I'm not about to go screaming "Sen. Obama a LIARRRR" just because he finds himself in the same kind of spot that Sen. Clinton found herself in earlier this year. I will give him the same benefit of the doubt that I extended to Sen. Clinton.

So, here's a question for those Obama supporters who predictably screamed "LIARRRR" at Sen. Clinton after the Bosnia episode. Are you going to give Sen. Obama the same treatment? (Ha ha ha - who am I kidding!)

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