Wednesday :: May 28, 2008

Some Primary Reads for Today

by eriposte

Joan Walsh at "A New Low in Clinton Bashing". Also watch Walsh take on jokers Chris Matthews and Joe Madison on Hardball.

Bob Somerby is on the beat too.

Talking of which, Vastleft has started a FITH watch (I don't like the acronym personally so I won't spell out what it means, but it's the focus of the posts I'm interested in). This is the funniest one.

The caucus/primary gap continues. Idaho held a caucus on Super Tuesday that had a turnout of about 2% (according to this website - roughly 21,000 voters participated). The results gave Sen. Obama a huge victory margin of 62 points (Obama 79% - Clinton 17%). Via RonKSeattle, I noticed that Idaho held a non-binding primary yesterday. Turnout was still pretty low but roughly double the caucus turnout and the results? Obama 56% - Clinton 38% (18 points). I'll come back to this hopefully over the weekend, but this is a good time to read this report.

Isaac Chotiner at TNR: Dangerous Liaison

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