Friday :: Jun 6, 2008

Friday Night Tracer Fire // Open Thread

by paradox

.50 caliber fully automatic, every fourth round, ‘cause some shit I am plain sick of.

/* I am in full accord with dday of Hullabaloo that sickening existence of Democratic support for telecom amnesty could and should be stopped by the leader of the Party, Senator Barack Obama. The Left Coaster has never been an echo chamber, still isn’t, and we’re waiting on the basic leadership to stop this now.

It’s this precise issue that made me withdraw my Democracy Bond, and I still haven’t renewed it, of course not. The Party won’t see a dime of my money for fifty years if telecom amnesty makes it out of this Congress.

/* “Conservative” media figures may exist in a Fact Free Zone so their propaganda may have a launching pad, but I’m seriously dismayed to see the complete stupidity of people like Brian Williams that has made it into mainstream print journalism publications like USA Today, the whole profession is hopeless.

“Twice as many veterans of the Iraq war are running for Congress than in 2006, and this year Republican candidates outnumber Democrats.”

267 yawning words later the reader finally learns 10 Democratic veterans are running, 20 Republicans, none in the Senate. Congratulations, USA Today, on becoming just as useless as television. When you can publish a sentence with relevant cogent facts as the lead, get back to us.

/* Joe Lieberman robs me of my dignity and pride as a member of the Democratic Party. He is a complete disgrace and total traitor to his people, get rid of him! If Harry Reid is so grossly incompetent here then I guess Senator Barack Obama will have to step it up again. No one is waiting on leadership on Lieberman anymore, just fucking heave his stinking carcass to concretely demonstrate Democrats have basic dignity, for the love of baby Jesus.

/* I would like to add just one more element that in my experience the screaming outrage that it is documented from the pathetic Rockefeller report that of course Bush and Cheney lied through their teeth to start this unholy nightmare of the Iraq war.

I had some time this afternoon, so I went grocery shopping, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, cut some flowers, and will soon have a Friday night dinner of grilled hamburgers, fresh corn and hot rolls, watermelon, and blackberries from my own yard with vanilla ice cream. There’s great baseball tonight, money in the back, people love me, the sun shines every day, and I am gainfully employed.

I still do not feel at ease, and I will not rest and be truly easy until my country gets the hell full out of that lying Iraq War, that yawning chasm of horror, crime and death. Until that issue is fully closed and the truth fully and always known I will never feel fully American again.

Good night, gentle people. I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

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