Saturday :: Jun 7, 2008

Us And Them

by Turkana

Amidst the wonder of two Democrats doing what those of us who don't hate either of them always knew they would do, in the analysis, a persistent theme persists. Todd Beeton:

Keith just asked Timmeh whether Al Gore's concession speech is the model of the modern day concession and Tim of course pretended that the US would have ceased to exist as we'd known it had Al Gore challenged George W. Bush instead of conceded to him. "One of the most extraordinarily gracious comments in American political history, absolutely. What could have happened on that day if Vice President Gore hadn't been so magnanimous in understanding the need to unite the country." Umm, pray tell, Tim, what exactly would have happened? Christ. How does Keith talk to this guy with a straight face?

Perhaps because Keith's allegiance is to Timmeh and not to us. They are not your friends.

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