Thursday :: Jun 19, 2008

Support the Strange Bedfellows Alliance to Stop FISA Telecom Immunity

by paradox

An alliance of bloggers, activists and organizations spearheaded by the ACLU, Strange Bedfellows, has been formed to stop the sick insanity of FISA Telecom immunity. The movement has quickly taken root and raised nearly $200,000 almost instantly to illuminate the gross betrayal to the Constitution instigated by Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and other Blue Dogs in our nightmare FISA travesty.

The vote is set for tomorrow. To join the list supporting Strange Bedfellows click here, the press release from the ACLU is here.

I made it quite clear yesterday what would happen should this searing betrayal pass Congress. I have served my Party valiantly for eight years only to be screwed and betrayed again and again, I find this entry and FISA mess to be horrendously difficult to deal with, and my bewilderment knows no bounds. I still find it hard to believe I just donated against the Majority Leader of the House.

Where is the leadership for our people? Where? I utterly dread after watching this incredible process that I’ll be asking that question for a long, long time.

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