Thursday :: Jun 19, 2008

A Time To Lead

by Turkana

I just want to add something to Steve's post on the Democratic capitulation on FISA. The Democratic Party has a new leader. His name is Barack Obama. As dday wrote, on June 4:

Obama positions himself as the kind of Democrat who wants to change Washington, and he has a background as a Constitutional scholar. There is no other issue which both shows the rot of the Democratic leadership and their disinclination to enforce or even recognize the Constittion than this one.

Senator Obama has the power to end this. I'm sorry to not give him a honeymoon after the primary victory but events on the ground are moving quickly. There are a few decent elements in the compromise bill, like exclusivity for the FISA Court and an IG report on the legality of the current surveillance program, but it's not nearly good enough. This is another in a long series of caves, and an excellent opportunity for Obama to show his leadership skills and where he stands on civil liberties and Constitutional issues. We know that McCain is a mirror of Bush on that score.

Senator Obama, you are the party's leader. Do something about this. Today.

Or today would be good. Thus far, as Big Tent Democrat points out: crickets.

UPDATE: As always- digby.

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