Wednesday :: Jul 9, 2008

Change Can Happen Fast

by paradox

I am sorry to be so quiet lately, I was briefly ill and then very busy, so I am still, with just a few minutes available before I scurry off to my ethereal structures.

It is a dark day, a dawn of smoldering fury in a smoke-shrouded California, yet another day when my own people willingly shred the constitution—our precious rights—for nothing but stupid criminality and fear. FISA is an easily seen core 4th amendment issue by recent history and current judicial rulings, but the Democratic Party leadership won’t care if the press ignores it.

Before I hitch up my professional game face I will say two things: first, positive change can happen fast too. Ever since Reagan blew up the federal budget the red numbers seemed so galactic, yet within eight years under Clinton they were gone (it’s a dubious accomplishment of duplicity, but what the hell). Things are terrible now, but if we press on for the right leadership we could get a Congress and a Party back in only ten years.

Cheery days, eh? The only other ray of hope I can offer on this shameful day is a plea to stay with your people, just for their sake, nothing else. To huffily walk away and give up is to seal a duality of doom for the Republic and the individual, I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work in any sense.

I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, it left me. To be on a lonely path of futility, cut off from nurturing human souls as the Republic and Party withers, is to be in a terrible, terrible place, trust me, going there is implacably unwise.

I am a Democratic Party member, I will vote the straight D in 2008 just as I’ve done all my life, not once have I voted for any Republican. I’ll do my duty for my people in blogtopia, and whatever seems right in the moment. Just serve in principle, hope for the best, and take comfort in familiar friends.

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