Tuesday :: Oct 21, 2008

The Power We Are About to Inherit

by paradox

Booman at Booman Tribune raises a point in a post about realignment that has been on my mind a lot lately: if the Presidential and Congressional races turn out as currently forecast, will the Democrats truly be unaware of their mandate for change and reach for too little?

Putting the cart before the horse at this point, I know, but the musings are impossible with the McCain campaign imploding and so much urgent change necessary. If Obama wins and if the Democrats get 60 votes in the Senate (minus Lieberman, of course) all political agenda bets are off, and combined with the relatively fresh dire economic news it will give Obama and the Democrats an opportunity to launch a much more liberal agenda in 2009.

What would that new power and legislative freedom produce? A very short list:

/* Ending the disastrously stupid War on Drugs, which does nothing but mostly punish victims while grossly distorting our judicial and law enforcement systems in racist futility. The budget deficit could easily be a trillion dollars next year, it’s finally time to stop this insanity.

/* Get out of Afghanistan as well as Iraq. Afghanistan has been nothing but a sinkhole of empire-destroying failure for any country foolish enough to try and conquer it for a thousand years. The US will be no more successful, and again, dire finances force us to leave.

/* Dire finances can also finally lead the US off its path of disastrous militarism, a $100 billion cut in the defense budget is entirely reasonable and enhances the security of the US. Yes, financial security is just as important as physical security. Too bad tanks don’t solve a credit crisis, eh?

/* Single payer health care. Probably the best point that illustrates Booman’s thesis is the incredibly lame and stupid DC liberal mindset that single payer can’t get through the Senate, so the liberal health care lobbying corps isn’t even going to try. Hopefully if we get 60 Senate votes that disastrously short-sighted and cowardly policy wimp-out will stop.

14 more days of work and effort, then at last a chance to throw out old antiquated obsolete liberal perspectives. We can reach for so much more.

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