Wednesday :: Oct 22, 2008

Forget The Global War on Terror

by paradox

Reviewing my day yesterday I regretted being rather flippant in my dismissal of the need for Democratic Party rapport and understanding of the military. It’s not that I think using the Marine Corps to combat terrorism is any less absurd or that the United States could easily maintain excellent security with a 30% budgetary reduction, but the assertions lacked context of my own experience and might even be construed as disrespectful, which would never be my intent.

I have military experience, a desperation enlistee trying to get a life before the first gulf war broke out, which I served very remotely in. Nonetheless I still did it, so readers should not assume the military is anathema to me or an unnecessary element of public policy that could never be used, far from it.

I’ve also made it a point to know general world military history to an extent and US military history fairly well. I’m in no way near any war buff level of knowledge, but I know most of the campaigns and wars competently. I know weapons procurement and systems on a general basis and our current force and readiness all right; I’m also hardly unique, there are legions of Democratic veterans and millions of Party members who have excellent military knowledge.

When the Mexicans begin massing tanks in Tijuana I’ll worry about the physical security of the United States. No disrespect to our brothers and sisters south of the border, but that’s precisely the level of threat Americans should be cognizant to relative to national security.

Furthermore—I have no way of truly knowing, of course not—but I strongly suspect if one marched up to the commanders of the Marine Corps and the Army and pronounced occupying countries is a monumentally stupid way to maintain security against terrorism, please go home, a simple answer would instantly come forth: okay.

Our people simply cannot engage in a global war that never ends that only makes the planet loathe us more. It’s broken the Army and Marine Corps in morale, equipment and the ability to recruit. Our current Army and Marine Corps were designed to be small, fast, mobile, very potent forces to apply force when absolutely necessary—and then get out. The Pentagon deliberately rigged what they thought would be guard against occupation force levels, relying to a huge degree on reserves that in reality almost have civilian status.

Grandfathers in their fifties dying in Iraq are not at all rare. The Pentagon blew that risk, yeah.

This is only the tactical side of the Iraq war equation, of course, there are screaming fiduciary and political reasons demanding we get the hell out of there too. The point is that Democrats and liberals should never be hesitant to use tactical arguments to achieve policy, and although the military may not like it they will respect it.

The Services, of course, will look upon any budget reduction such as 30% to be appalling, radical, outrageous. Well it’s about god damn time someone explained to them the state of our constitution, country and welfare of our people is appalling, radical and outrageous, these cuts were coming under any political party, the insanity of a super-mega-military that absolutely dwarfs what any other country attempts has got…to…stop.

If it makes them feel any better at least we’ll spend the billions on our people, not buy up due Treasury bonds from the Chinese. It’s a lot better than a broken Army and Marine Corps, so welcome to the 21st century, Department of Defense.

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