Thursday :: Nov 6, 2008

Stay at Home, Congress

by paradox

Y’all’ll have to forgive me but there will be no skipping pixels of joy in my slot this morning, I’m extremely satisfied with an Obama win I expected but more than a little anxious the new administration gets to work. No Eschatonian alive is pleased with the choice of Emanuel for Chief of Staff, but he is a partisan fighter and the transition team quickly took control of the media narrative, true, nice work there.

Rationally I can assign passage of Proposition 8 to my measured political visage, but inwardly I’m positive it was that atrocious experience of watching Chris Mathews on election night, to honor the ratings of Rachel Maddow I put on MSNBC and was appalled on many levels, but oy certainly the most offensive element was the vapidly voluminous Mathews.

I vividly remember seeing clips of Mathews on blogs prompting a confused very professional female reporter for different camera angles so everyone could see how pretty she was, to this day I don’t understand how this sick buffoon keeps his job, he doesn’t deserve to be in a building with Rachel Maddow, let alone a studio.

Not having to be exposed to the lying, goading rhetoric of John McCain will certainly cheer me up, that’s true. Waiting for Obama Tuesday night I muted John McCain’s speech, there wasn’t anything the creep could say after an appalling campaign that would somehow make up for it in one night, and I was completely unsurprised to read later how gracious and adult McCain was—after he’d lost, of course. Any blogger who wants to lap up the perfectly predictable vapidly vacuous media yap about how honorable McCain is for it and get sister Digby whup-assed, well, that’s not a path I would take in this life.

The flip side to having the election over is that I’m no longer gagged out of Party loyalty into plainly and repeatedly stating the problems we have as a Democratic Party, instead of once a day it can be three or four, we have so many of them. What I suspect is really bothering me is that Congress will soon re-convene and I wish the hell they wouldn’t, it would be far better if they faded into oblivion now with Bush, but of course we’re stuck with them for months.

George Bush is the most morally slimy and horrifying incompetent President modern industrial America has ever seen, everyone knows that, but the point is that he never could have achieved such lofty status without Congress. If Bush is the worst of all time how can this Congress be rated far behind, even with our Party in alleged control? It can’t be, that is the reality we live this glorious American day.

Barney Frank spoke out against Treasury cash infusion to banks with no controls over the election break, but the deed is done now, there is no going back. Apparently Speaker Pelosi is all on fire for some Keynesian public stimulus—now that the bankers have gorged at the public trough—but I really do think politically it would be best if this Congress closed shop permanently and let all the new economic fixes flow forth under the Obama brand.

To cut to the chase, after passing the FISA capitulation and bank bailout this Congressional leadership should never be associated with the Democratic Party brand in any sense, in any action, for any moment of the future. Democratic leadership—I use that word guardedly—should head to the mountain top for a serious month-long contemplation powwow about how they strayed so far, so badly, for so long.

Rediscover oversight, accountability, legislative controls, any modicum of fiscal constraint at all, and most of all an ironclad worldview Congress serves the little people of the United States, not a violent corporate oligarchy. I trust President-elect Obama to provide the correct leadership for your discovery of these novel principles but until then nothing, nothing at all, just please stay at home, Congress.

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