Friday :: Nov 7, 2008

Corporate Media Pushback

by paradox

Predictably as the sun rising the chattering DC media pack has instantly set up a chorus of proclamations about how America has always been a center-right nation and of course Barack Obama could never enact liberal policies as president, heavens no. The hell with the country, our turgid brains of stupidity in defense of corporate profits rules all!

Tax cuts were never part of the 2000 election agenda, but the same cretins now whining about a conservative country had no problem ignoring that—after mindlessly repeating the idiocy that tax cuts increase revenue, that is. After ignoring the Uniter not Divider lost the election and then ruthlessly drove a very conservative agenda anyway. After ignoring the 2004 campaign history of eliminating Social Security out of nowhere.

It’s amazing, truly, how modern American journalism expects the reader to be stupid but also, incredulously, to have no memory. Hello? Just because the past has no use in ruthlessly pursuing profits does not mean it goes away, and for Christ’s sake stop insulting the dignity of the American Human, our brains have not vanished, I kid you fucking not, we actually remember stuff from our entire human experience on the planet.

Your liberal media, just to sneer at journalists even more, they’ve earned it, anyone wondering at the source of this acid invective need only look at the thousands of flag-draped coffins, the hundreds of thousands of refugees and homeless (for mere starters) to instantly know these offensive DC journalists villagers are useless, destructive fools, they constantly enabled all of this massive American destruction under Bush but still feel no compunction at all about setting the agenda for our people now.

CNN, bowing to the iron boot of corporate demands, recently hired yet another conservative political analyst, the howling political winds of change be damned. Rachel Maddow may be a great journalist but the rest of that MSNBC shop is a total horror show (Olbermann was all right), I’m still recovering from election night. Campbell Brown has been a singular bright spot of insightful sanity all year, but then she fell flat on her face this week when she stated Jimmy Carter was the last president to have a unified Party Congress in his term. Doh!

History, Campbell. The past. Human memory. George Bush, the idiot y’all enabled for eight years to completely wreck the country, he had a unified Party Congress. Television has no memory and is stupid, girlfriend, but dear Jesus try to understand that we, the other 360 million souls of the country, aren’t DC dumbasses. Please.

I have a lot of faith President Obama and his people, so respectful and empowering to the little people in campaign ground game and firmly hooked up to alternate windows of America through the internet, will have the sense to basically ignore DC journalists. Yes, we can, it really is possible to shut out the ruthless 24 x 7 television corporate barrage to patiently listen to the little people through all kinds of indicators.

American journalists don’t what history is and can’t even use the brains they were blessed with to employ memory. How the hell could they then know what we’re supposed to do in the future?

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