Tuesday :: Nov 11, 2008

Those Clinton People [updated]

by paradox

I’ve seen and felt myself a queasiness over the possible appointment and consultation with the Clinton People, like Rubin and Summers, in the new Obama Administration. They represent the old way from what in many ways was a painful time, but what is Obama supposed to do? The Clinton folks are basically the only Democrats around with any real experience, no matter what Obama does he’s stuck with them, as are all of us.

What about the greatest Clinton veteran of all time, Al Gore? I’ve seen a few posts around the blogosphere that champion Al as Secretary of State, but in my mind his most natural slot is on the Supreme Court.

Would he take it? I have no idea, but if I had to guess I’d say no, Al could have gotten the whole burrito if he’d ran for 2008, but he didn’t. I suspect a life of employed US government service is behind him, he likes his life the way it is. I wish it weren’t so, I’d give anything to see Al Gore in black robes next to Clarence Thomas. Oh yes, that would be very sweet.

UPDATE: I made a mistake and called Clinton a "lousy" liberal in the comments, for which I apologize. Clinton let me down, Lewinsky has nothing to do with this outlook, but it was still far too harsh to call him that. It's not as if I have a blazing accomplishment path in life. I'm sorry.

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