Wednesday :: Nov 12, 2008

Al Gore is Not a Czar

by paradox

I just have three brief items before I must be on my way today; after yesterday I’m surprised I’m writing at all, but since Digby so accurately stated that everything we’re reading now is crap I have a chance to demonstrate you don’t write what you read, right, and if I do face-plant it again I’ll just use it as an excuse.

Al Gore is a great man of many dimensions, but he will never be a “czar,” a terrible, terrible word for an American public official, how I rue the day this absurd convention ever got started.

It’s not just that Czars were brutally oppressive monarchs and that, thankfully, none of their abusive habits are automatically granted to whatever American is anointed “czar.” What the hell is Al going to get bestowed upon him with his job, an exemption from the rule of law?

Far worse is the example Czarist Russia is used as a demonstration of just how long and brutally one must treat a people before they rebel. Humans are woefully susceptible to authority and ability to put up with repressive governments, it’s disquieting to read Americans saying it’s time to get out the pitchforks when something outrageous comes up.

Things would have to get much worse for a long time before Americans really rebel. All of it’s just too creepy and a downer, Al Gore doesn’t deserve it being called a czar, please freaking stop it, God.

I see from a Steve Benen bullet point that the Obama administration is going to do the same thing (foolishly occupy a Middle East country, Afghanistan) very differently. Their mission is to produce a stable country that doesn’t produce terrorism, after which the United States plans to invade Bolivia, Columbia and Honduras to wipe out their pesky terrorists.

^^coughs^^ Perhaps a recession so severe some will call it a depression will mitigate America’s absurd nationalistic militarism so precious resources can be utilized at home. I hope so.

Lastly, I am still feeling my way into a daily blogging style, I don’t know how many posts I will get to daily in the future but it will not be three, as was yesterday. I really only have it in me for two posts, perhaps one in the Glenzilla style, when I’m working. I was tired yesterday at 2:00 after a lunch at my desk and it showed.

I’m still sorry. The little people need a continuing voice in America’s stifling corporate politics, I think I can do that with some effectiveness, but otherwise this daily blogging is ridiculous. I am a busy, deeply flawed human with a thin skin many days, and I’m never going to toughen up to getting barked at by Mary in the comments, Jesus save me from that again, just awful.

The point is that going forward expect 1-2 posts a day only, it’s all I’ve got. That’s it for today, in fact, work is crazy for a while. Please be well, Left Coasters, I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

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