Wednesday :: Nov 12, 2008

Maybe an Answer to a Cheney Mystery

by Mary

According to Laura Rozen, Joe Biden and his wife will be meeting with Dick Cheney at the Naval Observatory. Do you think that Joe would be willing to let the American public know what were the results of all those mysterious blasts back in 2002?

The mysterious booming sounds emerging from the official residence of the US Vice President have been disturbing the neighbours for months.

...A partial explanation has now been revealed – it's something to do with security. What exactly is going on at 3450 Massachusetts Avenue is still unclear, but officials said construction work requiring blasting has been taking place, and will continue for months.

"Due to the sensitive nature in support of national security and homeland defence, project-specific information is classified and cannot be released," the observatory's superintendent, David Gillard, said in a letter to the local neighbourhood commissioner.

It would be nice to peel back the veil of secrecy that Cheney had on everything.

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