Thursday :: Nov 13, 2008

Who We Are

by paradox

Glennzilla described the soon-to-be horrifying capitulation to one of the most obnoxious and sinister political forces of the Senate—Joe Lieberman—as a “silver lining” yesterday, but left a little too unsaid why Senate Democratic Party incompetence, betrayal, stupidity, and nauseating arrogance of our leadership actually serves the little people in the blogosphere.

Because the puffy pride of the Democratic base to last week’s triumph—outside the political and racial mechanics of Obama’s win--is laughably absurd, the Democratic brand is in utter tatters yet Senate Democrats are soon to slash it with many razors anyway, take a flying leap, blogosphere. Not only does the Democratic Party not in a million freaking years deserve anything like unconditional support from the base, it’s dangerous for the Party and the country.

Still not convinced the Democratic Party—in many ways—is as much a political corpse as John McCain? Watch the "bank" bailout de-ravel even more, GE and insurance now folded in, lobbyists on the Hill like huge thrashing sharks lunging at all the billions lying around, Democrats much more mindful to them than to us. The bailout is a Democratic Party creation, as is George Bush, the point always bears repeating: there was no way Bush became the worst of all time on his own, the horrifying list of total Democratic Party fuckups in Greenwald’s piece is still painful and depressing to read.

Any rational observer to a base of followers to such politicians that was constantly in a rah rah rah we’re winners! mentality would be that they were to be deluded, possibly pathetic, and certainly succumbed to that human condition of lost in life, it happens. Right now the people of the United States cannot afford to have its ruling party wandering around in delusional grandiosity.

The great danger to all this vividly sparkles before us with Lieberman and the bailout, not a mere slap in the face to the little people, more like anal gang rape to everything the blogosphere bled and sweated for in our politics: accountability, fairness, equality, due process, democracy. The election’s over, little people, some of us will see you in two years, thanks for the donations!

In no way is this some arrogant gloat of I-told-you-so or some sick triumph of personal pessimism, please. There is much to love in the Democratic Party, we have an incredible base and many amazing politicians who are great humans of towering achievement, coupled with a cherished tradition of proud political accomplishment, we have done so much for our country. The Party is the only possible path forward, and there are many times I am fiercely proud to be a Democrat.

Not today, no. Lieberman and the bailout viciously club home the fact that these two sick displays of political dis-functionality are also the Democratic Party, its path of progression is just as desperately needed as the country’s.

If the rest of the blogosphere want to blindly cheer on disastrous sail-over’s like Afghanistan, the bailout and Lieberman as the bodies of little people are literally smashed to death in all the ruins, well, that’s their choice, I never will. These disasters are just as much a creation of the Democratic Party as their instigators, and part of my role is never to enable it. This is who we are as a party, we’ve got monstrous problems, and we’re not in denial about it. Not for long, anyway.

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