Thursday :: Nov 13, 2008

New Time, New Plans

by Steve

I wanted to wander back into the neighborhood to say "Hi" and give you an update on what's coming in the months ahead.

I will continue to blog about national issues on the weekends or nights when time is available, and my focus frankly will be on keeping everyone honest, Democrats included. In the meantime, to help Paradox carry the load he's graciously agreed to shoulder in my absence once again, I've recruited Deacon Blues to throw several posts in a week. We share an affinity for Steely Dan and a sarcastic "glass half empty" approach to our politics, so it should work out fine. I've also asked our other editors to throw in when they can. We may add others to lighten the load and broaden the content.

As you will note from Eriposte's welcome return today, he will resume blogging after the New Year on energy, economic, and environmental policy, and keeping both parties honest. Likewise, Turkana will be taking a much-deserved break and will return at his convenience. Both will post as it suits them and their schedules. I am grateful to both of them, and the rest of our editors for this fine little community we have here.

Lastly, obviously I am thrilled at the departure of this administration and the incoming Obama team. We will offer them our support, but we will also be honest and skeptical about Democratic government when necessary. After watching eight years of a train wreck, I am not going to toss aside whatever principles I have left to participate in groupthink and rubber-stamping a Democratic version of the Beltway Follies.

Do well Democrats, and remember Main Street.

My best and thanks to all of you. The next round is on me.

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