Tuesday :: Nov 18, 2008

Lieberman Day

by paradox

I am tired and a little discouraged outside of the political realm, so today is really not the best time to hoist the little grey cells into some futile meander while our Senate leadership most likely swords us in the back this morning, playing patty-cake with Joe Lieberman in their little DC love shack.

Discouraging doesn’ t come close to the incredible phenomena of Joe Lieberman, at its base his presence will always be a manifest testimony to a political party that cannot adhere to any principle. Nothing.

Coupled with a disdain and open defiance by politicians to one of their core, most active, most lucrative constituency alliances, The Left, as we’re called, a term no one can really define in DC except in a frame of appalling cowardice.

Today is a good day to eat shit, The Jedi intoned first thing. He knows, as do we all, there really is no silver lining to the continued acceptance of Joe Lieberman, just a massive display of stupidity, callousness, betrayal, and probably the most nauseating episode of Senatorial ass-kissing--such a disgusting rectum lock on that foul creature—that we will ever see in our lifetimes.

It’s a nauseating spectacle, and today is a very bad day for the country.

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