Saturday :: Nov 22, 2008

Television is for Football

by paradox

It has been a very long week, so I am not going to be a political writer this morning, I cooked a decent breakfast for once and will soon ride for 20. Then more dude food and football for the rest of the day, the Big Game is on in five hours and many in the family plus lots of old friends will be going berserk. I love America.

Absent watching television journalism, I’ve found, zero intake of the dangerous, disgusting stuff makes for a better world for me, it is a good and true thing. If waiting is a difficult time for energetic liberals until Obama takes over it’s far worse for our chattering media darlings, they deliberately have to ignore Bush yet cannot really report anything but a cabinet appointment, tiny potatoes indeed in an entertainment-driven media industry.

Lacking any of the most basic analytical skills and inability to perform research—talking American political heads simply could never be so academically accurate and truthful, that is not their mission in the least—with essentially nothing to talk about American television journalism instantly degrades into a childish, offensive yap circle, a dog chasing its tail has more dignity than this. Soon I see stories like this from a great writer at Daily Kos, followed by Jamison Foser, who meticulously displays no matter Obama does our infuriating media twerps will cluck and obstruct it, nostrils twitching atop pencil necks in twisted journalism glee at showing those liberals who really sets the media agenda in this country.

Disgusting, immensely discouraging, professionally offensive, regressive to meaningful progress and dismayingly powerful in its insidious ability to invade the American living room every day, the fucking flash box is always on.

So for today television is for football, always will be, and I will not watch American news, not for a long, long time to come, just another reason to thank all the atoms of the universe the election is over, I watched a few nights the last week and on election night, of course.

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