Thursday :: Jan 15, 2009

The Corrupt Clinton Foundation - Part 3

by eriposte

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Today's Clinton Foundation post comes courtesy of the Associated Press' Sharon Theimer who has a story "Clinton Acted on Concerns of Husband's Donors". (I have to thank Megan Carpentier at Madam Secretary for the link - her post is worth reading too since it has links to some of our friends on the Right who are breathlessly hyperventilating about the Huge Conflict of InterestTM and CorruptionTM).

I decided to take the information in Theimer's story and put that in table form to make it easier to understand. Here is the essence of the story and the table summarizes it graphically.

  • The story discusses four instances where then Sen. Clinton wrote some letters to Government agencies (imagine that!) - especially ones that were not under her control. Some letters were written jointly with one or more members of Congress. In my view, her letters were generally consistent with her long-expressed political views and/or with her long-standing interest in supporting New York state.
  • In three of the four cases, she wrote those letters years before the company in question even decided to donate to the Clinton Foundation.
  • In two out of the four cases, the company in question did not even know Sen. Clinton wrote a letter that was favorable to them.
  • On the one occasion where the company did contact Sen. Clinton for her help, they did not donate to the Clinton Foundation - rather the CEO's Chesonis Family Foundation donated to the Clinton Foundation almost 4 years later. Additionally, the Chesonis Family Foundation pledged $10M last year to MIT for solar energy research due to its involvement in the Clinton Foundation.

The gist of the story is captured in table form below (click the image to open it in a new window at full size). I applaud Theimer's work in researching the contributions, but there is absolutely no evidence here of any corruption or conflict of interest. I understand that the Republicans and the newsmedia are going to continue to flog the story of the Greatest Conflict of Interest on EarthTM, but I have to say this is getting pretty absurd and every story like this only makes their case look worse, not better.



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