Friday :: Jan 30, 2009

Stupid Democrats, and Presidents

by Steve

My friend Deacon trashed the House Democrats' recovery bill yesterday as a piece of crap, and sounded like he was letting the House GOP off the hook for what he described as a meaningless vote.

I am not so charitable. But I am also not very enamored of what I've seen from the Dems so far either, at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

First, House Dems and the White House spent useless energy to accommodate Republican demands. Why? The critical flaw in this line of "lets be bipartisan thinking" is that there are no GOP moderates in the House anymore. After the last two elections, all that is left in the House GOP caucus are a pack of knuckle-dragging cretins who don't merit any role in deliberative politics. So why does anyone in the House Democratic leadership or the White House give a sh*t about what they want? Why in hell do the Dems even deal with a far right extremist cabal at all? The House Republican caucus should be isolated and tagged as obstructionist end-timers every single day for the next two years, and yet Obama and Hoyer actually engage these bastards.

But Obama and the Senate Democrats are no better. Yesterday, Obama flashed a little anger towards Wall Street when it was revealed that these firms, receiving taxpayer bailouts, handed out $18 billion in bonuses in 2008 with that money. Yet Obama and Chris Dodd had the chance to do something about this and passed. So I'm supposed to take Obama seriously now that he, Biden, and Tim Geitner are going to get tough with these guys? Sure. Wake me when it happens. After flashing some feigned anger on this, Obama then went soft on the GOP for opposing the recovery package. What happened next was predictable: the Senate GOP caucus held a press conference trashing the package and giving signs that they'll do what their House counterparts just did. And yet all Obama can do is talk about putting politics behind us and getting work done. This guy still doesn't understand that he is dealing with an entire GOP House caucus and about 40 GOP senators who have no interest in working with him at all the next two years.

Obama needs to play hardball with the GOP and make them respect and fear him. He's got a 70% approval rating and is wasting it. His political strategy is based on working with a group in the House that wants nothing to do with him, and should be ignored and demonized. And Senate Republicans are about to own him while he stupidly appeals to a bipartisanship that doesn't exist in 40 of them.

Forget them and lead dammit. You won the damn election and its about time you stopped being a pussy and started acting like a guy who won 350 electoral votes. Remember that George W. Bush acted like a guy who had 350 electoral votes, when in fact he never had a mandate. Obama actually has one and is squandering it trying to work with people who should be called out every day for what they are.

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