Sunday :: Feb 1, 2009

A Worthless Punk, Without Any Redeeming Qualities

by Steve

By the way, the person posting under “Muck” now, has also gone under the name “Thuy”, “Thuy Lam”, a global warming debunker named “Phil”, and a guy named “Matt Alfring” who came up with this winner:

The idea that the government should be spending and "investing" in stuff is completely ridiculous. This is not what made America a great nation.

Yeah, that GI bill and interstate highway system were such wastes.

The only plan that will work is putting more money in Americans' pockets with tax cuts. Cut the payroll tax. There is also a massive tax hike looming on the middle class when the previous tax cuts expire. Make the previous tax cuts permanent. Don't mess with people's monthly paychecks. Give them more to spend every month.

Thuy thinks that taxes are the root of all problems, as if the last thirty years of false investment and wasted largesse on the wealthy have helped the economy. So when you read the comments by loons like this about taxes, or how Iraq is such a success after we wasted a trillion dollars from the treasury to destroy a country, remember the sick bastard mind you are dealing with.

For that trillion dollars,

-We never found the WMDs;
-We never dealt with the original problem of Al Qaeda in the tribal areas;
-We created a new haven for Al Qaeda in Iraq;
-We made Iran stronger;
-We abandoned Afghanistan before the mission was done; thereby
-Dumping the problem upon Bush's successor;
-The region has yet to see any sign of stabilization from Saddam's removal;
-We broke Iraq, and still have not created a sustainable central government structure;
-The world's oil markets got no benefit from Saddam's removal;
-The Bush Administration let Osama Bin Laden run free for seven years;
-We destroyed military readiness for a generation;
-We starved the VA and nearly destroyed it;
-We, by our actions, directly set in motion the deaths of more Iraqis than Saddam killed; and
-We sent over 4000 soldiers to their deaths, and maimed tens of thousands more.

And yet to despicable, gutless weasels like Thuy, Thuy Lam, Phil, Muck, or whatever he will call himself next, all of this was worth a trillion dollars - but government spending on rebuilding America here at home is bad. Throwing away a trillion dollars of money borrowed from overseas to be paid back by our kids and their kids on an imperialistic destruction of another country to line the pockets of disaster capitalists is a worthy government investment, but investing a trillion dollars here at home on Main Street, good paying jobs, health care, and energy independence is "completely ridiculous."

That, my friends, is the type of miserable, worthless individual you are dealing with here.

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