Wednesday :: Feb 11, 2009

Why Doesn't He Directly Challenge Tax Cuts?

by Deacon Blues

Get this: after eight years of nodding its head at a president who set up straw men every day as a rhetorical device to sell the country lies, it only took the Post's editors three weeks to publish a story accusing Obama of the same thing. This is the same paper that buried stories challenging the Bush Administration's WMD claims, and the same paper whose editors have been less than clever about their disdain for Obama's big plans to spend money on Main Street while being silent for six years about disaster capitalism in Baghdad. Yet Obama is now mentioned in a story in a comparison with Bush. Amazing.

Yet the Post makes an apt point to a degree. Obama does portray the choice as between action and inaction, and it is a tried-and-true device used by all presidents. However, Obama can just as easily use his mass appeal to challenge the GOP on its real argument. It's not that the GOP wants inaction, they simply want more of the same from the last eight years: tax cuts instead of spending on Main Street. He misses a chance to undermine the GOP's core political philosophy: The GOP solution for everything is a tax cut.

It's simple enough, after watching how this dogma has cratered this economy, for Obama to effectively ridicule this. But he doesn't. I would love to see the man simply say "Why is it conventional wisdom amongst the out-of-touch Beltway classes that cutting taxes will fix everything when the smoldering ruins of our economy prove otherwise?" I'd love to see David Broder blow a gasket over that one.

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