Wednesday :: Feb 11, 2009

Open Thread

by Mary

Greed-based medicine? Krugman calls it "vile". But in Washington, it's business as usual. After all, Big Pharma was able to get the lawmakers to write it into law that the government could not negotiate for better prices on drugs for seniors:

The big money, however, is in the drugs themselves. Part D actually forbids Medicare from using its bulk-buying power to negotiate better prices. That defect alone has been estimated to cost $70 billion annually. Sixty-one percent of that money expected to stay with drug manufacturers as added profits. That money is a gift to industry, voted into law by the Republican-controlled Congress.

But that's okay, because we have the best (or at least the richest) health care industry in the world. And after all, the charter of the health care industry isn't to help people be healthy. What drives the industry is profit. No matter that it means we are on the road to bankruptcy as we look toward spending upto 70% of our GDP on health care based on today's current trends. Because as Americans, we believe in monopolistic and parasitic capitalism that places greed-based health-care over healthy Americans. And our representatives will be be given every incentive to help us reach this glorious future during the upcoming healthcare deform reform negotiations.

Sure wish I felt better about the people who were supposed to be on our side in this battle.

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