Sunday :: Feb 22, 2009

Another Editorial Page Joke From the WaPo

by Deacon Blues

Last week, George Will wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post once again lamely trying to debunk global warming. As usual among the denier crowd, Will relied upon misstatements of fact to make his case. When bloggers asked the Post how such a flawed piece of crap got past any editing process for the editorial page, the Post made the mistake of claiming that the piece went through a multilayered fact checking process.

It's probably the same "multilayered" editing process they used to prevent contrary reporting debunking the Bush administration's WMD claims on Iraq before the war from appearing on Page One.

A suggested letter to the editor pointing out how the Post's multilayered process dropped the ball is here, but no one should expect the Post to change anything. The corporate overlords behind the Post want war, like disaster capitalism, and frankly don't care if the planet goes to hell, as long as they can profit from it.

That is why, in the end, the Post's editorial page and the Beltway enablers like David Broder will turn on Barack Obama and try and ruin him. They have no interest in the public good or Main Street, and lost their souls years ago.

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