Tuesday :: Feb 24, 2009

Embracing the Base

by Steve

AP photo

Riding high approval ratings from the public, Barack Obama used tonight’s speech before the world and a joint congressional audience to forcefully lay out an optimistic vision for the country. Simply put, Obama was bold, ambitious, and confident at a time when such an attitude is critical, and he may have broken through tonight.

And there was nothing centrist about it. Any agenda that includes calls for passage of health care reform this year; energy independence measures built on alternative sources and conservation; and education reforms, all funded by reducing the cost of war in Iraq and restoring the Clinton-era tax rates is a progressive agenda.

A great speech, that served to send a warning to the GOP: get on board or get out of the way. Best of all, it was unapologetic about its left-of-center, and even populist roots, built upon hope and comfortable with progressive politics. Those of us, me included, who were seeking signs that Obama was willing to aggressively build a center-left coalition based on smart, sensible, progressive principles carried out by A-List talent throughout the administration should be thrilled by what they saw and heard tonight.

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