Thursday :: Feb 26, 2009

Not Ready For Prime Time

by Deacon Blues

Following Barack Obama is a tough act, but Bobby Jindal made a fool of himself and the GOP Tuesday night. And his party isn’t pleased at all at his buffoonish and empty performance.

"You can't go on TV and counter Obama with that," said radio host Laura Ingraham.
Philip Klein of the American Spectator said Jindal seemed more like a high school student delivering his valedictory speech than a prospective new GOP leader.

Well, at least he said it. Jindal came across looking like a juvenile and like someone acting a poor script, making sure he inserted the necessary "aw shucks" moments. Appropriately, Jindal left for Disneyworld after his speech, presumably to learn from the pros on how to play in true GOP character. Wally and the Beaver could have done a better job.

Even Fox thought he bombed. The funny part about all this is that Rush Limbaugh is already invested in Jindal as the next Reagan (further evidence that Rush is impaired), and blasting those who criticize Jindal. Jindal’s possible opponents for the 2012 GOP nomination are now blasting Rush right back.

Sweet. As watertiger over at FireDogLake notes, Jindal is just one of the GOP’s Three Stooges. Yet he’s already met a key GOP test for higher office: he’s a rank liar.

The critical element here is that media coverage of Jindal turned 180 degrees in just one news cycle. In the immediate aftermath of his speech, Jindal was given the benefit of the doubt, until fact-checking and a closer look at the boilerplate rhetoric kicked in. And he was finished when his own punditocracy tossed him overboard. He's already had his shelf-life.

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