Wednesday :: Mar 4, 2009

The Welcome Face Of The GOP

by Deacon Blues image

Less than two weeks after the GOP thought it had branded the Obama administration already as just another tax and spend retread, the tables have totally turned. The Democrats have managed to re-brand the GOP as the Rush Limbaugh Party.

Democrats everywhere should be thrilled. Several weeks ago, Soto and I said around these parts that it was essential for the administration to change the framing and push the GOP into a corner, and marginalize them as a bunch of right wing extremists. Tie them and Limbaugh together and watch them both drown. And it's happening.

Team Obama has done it perfectly, and taken a page from the GOP's own playbook. It was something the Bush White House did routinely to weaken the Democrats, and now the White House has played upon Limbaugh's megalomania and the GOP's misguided play-to-the-base strategy to push the national party all the way into the warm clutches of the fat white extremist wing of the base.

The GOP has willingly imploded and allowed itself to be branded this way at a time when Obama's approval ratings are going up, leaving the GOP to mutter about how unfair Obama is to rich white people and polluters. And while the GOP is occupied with this re-branding right under its own nose, Obama is moving to deal with the mortgage crisis, going after Phil Gramm's offshore tax scamming bank, and going full speed ahead to make the fat cats pay for their tax havens.

And to drive the point home further, our side is doing media to rub salt in the wounds. When you have them in retreat, keep shooting.

We want independents and moderates to think that Limbaugh is the national leader of the GOP, because it makes it harder for the Republicans to look like reasonable actors who care about Main Street instead of being the pathetic toads they really are. If Obama is to have success in building a center-left coalition in this country, the first step was to marginalize the GOP as extremists.


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