Wednesday :: Mar 11, 2009

Hitting 'Em Where It Hurts

by Deacon Blues

Several items for your consideration tonight:

State AGs, aided by the Obama Justice Department, are about to rain down a storm of payback upon the mortgage banking and financial services industries, including a major staffing increase for a reinvigorated SEC. A little trust busting would be in order also, Mr. Holder.

As the GOP lurches further to the right to pander to white conservatives who make up what’s left of their party, a new progressive majority is emerging in the country, according to new polling data.

Several years back around these parts, Soto laid out a “truth squad” strategy whereby Democrats and progressives would confront the GOP over their lies as they travel around the country to spread them. This concept worked brilliantly to defeat the White House’s Social Security privatization fraud in 2005. The next logical extension of this effort would be to confront wayward Blue Dog Democrats and lackey Republicans for siding with the banking industry against distressed homeowners trying to fend off foreclosure. As Politico reported today, and Chris Bowers at OpenLeft sunshined last week, that’s just what ACORN and Move On are doing. Sweet.

Gallup reports today that congressional approval ratings have risen since Obama came into office, and are now at a four-year high. The poll had a large gap between self-identified Democrats (38% of the sample) and self-identified Republicans (25%).

GOP senator David Vitter, he of the moral values crowd who was caught in a Beltway prostitution ring, threw a hissy fit at an airport gate because he couldn’t use his “don’t you know who I am” line to get onto a plane late. After trying to pry open the security gate, he ran when security was called. Now the TSA, no longer in GOP-whitewashing hands, will investigate the incident.

Now that the baby has been born, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are splits Ville. Go figure. I hope the governor is proud of herself for making her daughter a political prop.

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