Sunday :: Mar 22, 2009

Phase II Soils Are In

by paradox

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I am creased to be a day late in all the gardening news of the weekend, but I was exhausted last night after throwing 8 yards of soil to finally finish Phase II of the potato palace, my little food bank garden at St. Jude’s. I scurried out there at first light for some images, as I promised last week, they’re below the fold.

I’m pleased, it’s the 3rd day of Spring and the garden has been cleaned, the legacy roses restored, with 11 boxes holding 29 yards of soils installed. It’s jess me so I broke it up, 2 yards mixed’n 5 thrown one day, then 7 thrown the next, another 7, with the final 8 gratefully done yesterday. I have always been a Hispanic amalgam, a Latin surname with Northern European genes, and although I still can’t speak Spanish my gringo credentials are gone forever after this.

P1010055 P1010054 P1010044 P1010042 P1010041 P1010040
P1010039 P1010036 P1010035 P1010033 P1010032 P1010025
P1010024 P1010023 P1010020 P1010019 P1010053 P1010045

I promised my campaneros at The Left Coaster I wouldn’t be scarce this week and I know they’ve been looking for me the last 2 days—not worried, just watching—but for once I was grateful to leave blogging duty behind to labor with my shovel and hoe. The financial bailout news has been a screeching train wreck all week and our Obama team stepped on the throttle last night, we’re going to own this terrible disaster even though we inherited it if Geithner, Summers and Bernanke don’t drastically change course in the next 72 hours.

So very depressing, my friend Jerome a Paris wrote yesterday, the primary reason I’ve been so quiet this year, I’m supposed to be looking after my health and it’s easy to abscond duty with the rationalization I have to look after myself. Tucked away in the south corner of St. Jude’s vast lot I still heard and read the news through the days, of course, a lot of hours thinking and worrying, foolishly grieving for stuff I can’t ever fix, grimly determined to finish a grind of labor in a tiny soothing enclave of birdsong—if I could make myself hear it.

Without getting too tangled in it—it’s a gardening post, after all—I think Josh Marshall put it best last week: who’s in charge here? The answer becomes increasingly clear to the little people by the hour: the incredibly greedy crooks who wrecked our financial system. They’re looting the Treasury with banditos from the financial system itself with a sickening disdain for Congress and the little people, the Fed calls the shots now, not you, representative democracy, thanks for all the cash, suckers.

Our Wall Street barons and their Fed minions are so sure the little people are stupid. That, through all the evolutions of insulting news and heinous thefts, was plain fact that stabbed the most all week as I heaved and wheeled, heaved and wheeled. We trusted you so you lied to us and betrayed us, and most amazingly of all calmly assumed the rules of reality somehow made you exempt from the consequences of behavior. Apparently Timothy Geithner never has learned this, somehow. He’s about to find out.

So here we are, a solitary semi-confused guy attempting to demonstrate it’s easily possible to grow local food for organic and nutrition principles, but after last week much more worried that our people will have anything to eat at all. I would reiterate that I mean to lecture no one, the idea that I have a right to judge others after what I’ve performed in this life, well, that’s simply laughable. I’m an American, more than willing to do whatever I can to make our country a better place, and I’m hardly unique at in that.

There’s hundreds of millions just like me, we could persevere with the simple common knowledge America was built for us. If we’re trusted with the truth we can get out of this, if we continue to be disdained we will not. It truly is that simple, and at least I have a refuge for my bewildered sadness that somehow with our time on that planet and country we chose differently.

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