Wednesday :: Mar 25, 2009

Those Scruffy Bloggers

by paradox

I had an appointment at 5:00 yesterday I absolutely could not delay, so I missed the Obama Slayer press conference. Not that I would have deliberately watched anyway, few spectacles are as infuriating and nauseating as the White House press corps yapping in jackal mode for whatever scurrilous motives they’re chasing any particular week, and apparently last night the pack was in top form with endless “kindergarten questions,” hectoring the President with “disruptive” juvenile badgering until he calmly handed hapless Ed Henry his ass in a brown paper bag, so the reports say.

No, I won’t watch the clips all over the blogs, the White House press corps are a nauseous injection of servile propaganda pap I won’t tolerate in my morning, even if the President finally whupped one of their pathetic asses. It’s been a very bad week (again) for the American journalism corps and they’d easily reached their quota of tolerance in the reeking evolutions of failure.

The Treasury department anonymously leaked the latest bailout nightmare and our journalism cousins played right along, one does wonder if they ever will follow their own professional guidelines in this critical area of needed progression. They’re manipulators playing a game with their partners in government, it’s disgusting, frankly, and the continual debasement to themselves and their profession is a sorry sight.

I hope the citizens of Canada understand there is really is no word or deed that can ever compensate for the oozing national disgrace of Fox News and their unforgivable slur against your military and your people who have so bravely served and sacrificed. It’s one thing when these filthy propaganda dogs spew their venom domestically, quite another when they so viciously sneer at our great northern neighbor, and my shame knows no bounds. My apology is lifelong felt, and the only thing America can ever do to make it right is for Fox News to terminally end, somehow. We’re hoping for it, good people of Canada.

Then Bill O’Reilly turned into a classic bully and sicced his little producer dogs after Amanda Terkel, harassing and hectoring her on the street during a vacation because Amanda dared to upset him. O’Reilly makes bankers look good in our current fun times, which really is quite a feat.

Beware when fighting monsters, lest you become one yourself, Nietzsche said long ago, and after careful consideration I’m sure I’d stay on my path of progression if the means to handle this came into my local orbit. Apparently this is not the first time this has happened, the story is that O’Reilly has flown out his goons to bully citizens before, like all bullies and their pack jackal cohorts they will not cease until they lose their jobs or are forcibly stopped.

Goons who harass women on the street aren’t tolerated in my community. One guesses the names of these assholes are not known in the towns or cities in which they live, or their neighbors are unaware of what animals reside so closely to them. In any event, it’s one of the most puerile evolutions I have ever witnessed, and it’s hard to see how American journalism can regress any further.

Until the White House press corps puts on a show, of course, who will then turn around and sneer at those scruffy bloggers in their pajamas, how on earth could they have anything credible to say?

One wonders, truly. Just incredible the American people would seek alternative voices and writers in the glorious performance of our American journalism environment.

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